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What are payment cycles on Amazon?

Selling online through Amazon will allow you to receive regular timely payments. In general, after you register your seller account Amazon usually settles your account balance 14 days later meaning on your settlement date, Amazon will initiate a payment to your bank account. The settlement process then repeats every seven days.

You must have the following in order to receive smooth and regular online payment services from Amazon:

  • Positive seller account balance: During a settlement period, the amount of money you made from sales is greater than the amount of fees and reimbursements you incurred.
  • Valid bank account information: Amazon pays sellers’ sales revenues to their bank accounts by bank transfer, and in order to ensure a smooth flow of payments, you must supply correct bank account information before you may receive payments.

The first payment will take 14 days, and then you will be paid every 7 days after that and if your account is on review there can be a possible delay, and once it is validated payment will happen after 14 days. Amazon makes payments to your bank account even in the case of pay on delivery through an electronic bank transfer that can take usually from 2 to 3 working days to reach your bank account once Amazon has initiated payment.

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