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The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Phone Case Business

At the moment, there are more mobile biases than there are people in the world. That means there’s ample opportunity for you to snare a slice of the growing demand for smartphone accessories. Phone cases, in particular, are easy to reference and appeal to people who are looking to fit some individuality or redundant functionality into the one device they ca n’t live without.

How do you make and sell your own phone cases?

Before you get to creating your own phone cases, there are many things you ’ll need to know, including the types of phone cases out there, how to choose which phones you want to support, and how to come up with designs.

Types of phone cases 

Some phone cases are more practical, while others are more visually charming. Some offer protection, while others are more like an alternate “ skin ” than a case. There’s a multitude of options, but then are some of the most common types to get you started.

  • Slim and gel cases

Slim cases are on the thinner side and let you add an eye- catching design and some fresh grip to a phone, frequently through a flexible, resilient silicone gel material. These are some of the cheapest phone cases you can produce and customize with designs, especially if you want to publish them on demand.

  • Cushion cases

Unlike slim phone cases, these cases generally only cover the sides of your phone, and are frequently made of a harder, shock- resistant material to protect your phone from dings and scrapes. Cushion cases can be minimalistic, only covering the edges of a phone, or they can come with a fresh piece for guarding the reverse from scraps too.

  • Folio or portmanteau cases

Folio cases have a cover that folds over the front of your phone to protect the screen from dust and scrapes, and give the phone the appearance of a small tablet. Some indeed have portmanteau- suchlike features, such as the capability to store cash or credit cards, while others can be turned into a stage to prop up your phone. You ’ll generally find these in a tough material, and they will probably go further than the slim cases but also appear more practical to more practical consumers.

  • Tough Cases

Numerous people look at having a phone case less as an aesthetic choice and more as a way to cover the hundreds of dollars they invested in their phone should they ever drop it. Tough cases are large and add further weight to a phone, but they give guests less protection. It’s important to mention this when you write your product descriptions for tough phone cases, as anything from drop tests to details about water resistance can help give guests peace of mind.

  • Battery cases

Battery life seems to be a problem no matter what phone you have these days. While they ’re more precious than most phone cases, battery cases are also veritably practical and offer a lot of mileage for those moments when we wish we had just a bit more juice. Since these cases not only cover your phone but also give some redundant charge, battery cases are a good companion for models of phones where battery life is a constant complaint.

Choosing which bias to concentrate on

It’s not just a matter of deciding what kind of phone cases you want, but what kinds of phones you want to support. Still, this can also offer an occasion to dig into specific niches grounded on phone models.However, there may also be an occasion to consider, If you can foresee a need for cases for forthcoming phones or spot any underserved smartphone types.

While the rearmost iPhone models are presumably a safe bet, you can take a look at this exploration by DeviceAtlas to see which phones are popular in the regions of the world where you want to sell them. Alternately, you can do some introductory keyword exploration in Google’s Keyword Planner or KWFinder to get a look at hunt volume as a reflection of demand for cases for specific types of phones. However, it’s surely worth looking into this in advance, If you plan on using Google advertisements to sell your products.

Where to get designs for your phone cases

Design can be one of your biggest differentiators, especially if you ’re dealing with the standard slim cases. Design communities like Dribbble are great places to shop around for controversy grounded on the aesthetic you ’re looking for. Or, if you ’re looking for cost-effective designs, you can always find them on Fiverr. Try to look specifically for companies that make custom phone cases.

You can also produce your own design mockups in Photoshop or Photopea, and numerous phone case print- on- demand services like Caseapp and Printful also have phone case mock-up creators you can use.

Be cautious; not all phone case suppliers will publish on the sides of the case. Numerous companies will only publish on the reverse alone, so make sure you pay attention to that during the design phase and when looking for a supplier.

Try to source several different designs so you ’re not just laying on one idea, and get feedback as early as you can.

  • Post your designs on image- social media spots like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, and use engagement (likes, shares, and comments) as an index of interest.
  • Ask the Musketeers and family for their input.
  • Reddit is great for feedback if you are dealing with a specific niche. Post your designs in an applicable subreddit (r/pugs) if you are dealing with cases for fighter possessors, and the obscurity of Reddit will help you solicit good input. You can indeed follow up with another post when your cases are eventually available for purchase.

Through your designs, you will have an advantage in terms of generating interest by speaking to a niche—a group of people who are passionate about a particular interest. After all, for many people, accessories like phone cases are just a way to show the world who they are.

How to make phone cases?

Once you have some designs you like, it’s time to make them a reality. There are three main ways to get phone cases made, unless you’re willing to spend thousands on your own printing equipment.

  • Use a service that allows you to print phone cases on demand. 

Printful and Printify are two examples of such services. Even though selling on demand will reduce your profit margins slightly, you won’t have to worry about shipping or fulfillment, so you won’t have to keep any phone cases on hand or even order a lot of them. These print-on-demand services can integrate with your online storefront if you sell these phone cases on your own Shopify store. They will take care of fulfilling orders and providing customer support, so you only have to worry about making sales.

Whether it’s a shirt, a veneer pin, gems, or telephone case, approving which plans individuals like can be precarious. These print-on-request benefits offer a generally safe method for testing plan thoughts, particularly for thin telephone cases.

  • Track down a producer to work with.

Tracking down a producer to work with is the route you’ll probably need to take to expand your benefits. Alibaba offers a registry of producers in China who make an assortment of telephone case types, from thin to folio to battery. While you should purchase in bulk with a base request amount that is somewhere in the range of 10 to north of 200, you’ll possibly offer better costs and make more off of every deal when each case might possibly cost you just $1.

  • You also have the option of working with a local manufacturer to reach customers who are interested in supporting local businesses. In either case, prior to placing a bulk order, order a sample.

It’s significant that you aren’t guaranteed to need stock close by to make deals. Deals can be utilized to determine which telephone cases you really request, so you’re not left with many cases that simply aren’t selling. Since stock won’t occupy a lot of space, on the off chance that you’re sure about your cell phone cases, you can put resources into a disconnected presence to sell by setting up a kart or stand in a high rush hour gridlock region like a shopping center.

Dropshipping pre-made phone cases Instead of making your own, you can use a dropshipping model to sell pre-made phone cases. This means that all you really need to worry about is making sales and building a website.

The only major drawbacks are that you won’t have as much control over the product and that your profit margins will be lower. However, in return, the product, shipping, and fulfillment will be handled for you. It’s just about as simple as utilizing an application like Oberlo to import telephone cases from Aliexpress into your Shopify store. The Definitive Guide to Dropshipping with Aliexpress provides additional information regarding dropshipping.

Selling your telephone cases on the web

Now that you’ve sorted out your market, your item, and your inventory network, now is the right time to sort out how and where to sell your cell phone cases.

You can list your phone cases on marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon, but you can also open an online store to own your brand, increase your marketing efforts, and establish a long-term business. Additionally, you can sell them offline using a POS system in a kiosk if you so choose.

In terms of marketing, the following are channels and strategies that you should try, as well as resources for carrying them out:

  • Marketing for search engines: You can reach people who are looking for phone cases for particular smartphones through search engine marketing. You will receive the most relevant clicks for your products and the phones you support due to these searches’ intent to buy. This can be accomplished naturally through SEO or by paying to have Google Ads promote your website.
  • Facebook publicizing: Facebook ads can help you reach people who fit a certain profile if your designs are aimed at a specific interest group.
  • Instagram promotion: Instagram is a platform with a lot of visuals that is great for showing off your designs and has paid advertising as well.
  • Marketing with influencers: collaborating with micro-stars, YouTubers, Instagrammers, and other individuals allows you to increase the number of people who see your phone cases by leveraging their authority and existing audiences.

Be as specific as you can in your messaging when writing product descriptions for your phones, and think about the most important selling points for your phone cases. Customers will be more likely to buy your phone cases if, in addition to the design, they see a video of your case passing a drop test or if it is water resistant.

Are you ready to start a business selling phone cases?

In cases involving mobile phones, try not to be constrained by the opposition. Like any other serious market, what you want to zero in on is the right specialty and getting your items in front of these individuals. You can learn the best phone cases and designs over time, as well as how to get them so you can sell more of them and make more money.

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