The Amazon Buy Box: How to Win It

What is Amazon buy box?

The Amazon buy box is the widget that is visible on most pf product listing pages that allow buyers to make instant purchases from the product detail page. This widget allows customers different purchase options and make a quick transaction in only two or three steps.

How does Amazon buy box work?

Getting visibility on Amazon can help boost seller brand sales and this can be a challenge the   Amazon buy box algorithm or buy box formula controls this feature and playing by Amazon’s rule to gain sellers this option. This box can make or break sales, when a seller’s product is listed in the Amazon buy box, customers know they can count on you to provide excellent customer service and high-quality products.

What is the significance of the Buy Box for Amazon sellers?

There are several reasons to be concerned about the Buy Box

  • Having control of the Buy Box improves your chances of making a sale.
  • The location of the Buy Box is frequently enough to make a sale.
  • You can generate Amazon PPC advertising if you have the Buy Box. 

Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) allows sellers to bid on click prices for certain keywords, and sellers with authority over the Buy Box can use Amazon PPC to establish sponsored listings for the product.

Amazon buy box eligibility

You must be a subscription-based Professional Seller who fits Amazon’s buy box criteria and has buy box qualified products to be eligible for the Amazon purchase box.

  • Defective order rate
  • Metrics of performance
  • Customer service excellence
  • Length of time on Amazon

How to win the buy box?

  • Sellers should offer competitive pricing: According to Amazon, you can boost your chances of winning the Buy Box by putting your products within 5% of the current Buy Box pricing. Low prices are synonymous with pleased consumers at Amazon. 
  • Listing as a Prime seller: Amazon gives priority to its Prime sellers. Sellers that use Amazon’s fulfilled-by-amazon services are automatically eligible for Prime but merchants who fulfill their own products are also eligible. 
  • Keeping products in stock: Sellers at the very least, make sure you have sufficient inventory for your items. If you offer a product but are low in stock, Amazon may award the Buy Box to sellers with high inventory levels and products that can be fulfilled more quickly.
  • Improve your seller feedback rating: The Amazon Seller Feedback system was established to allow Amazon shoppers to view what other buyers had to say about different sellers. Sellers who have bad performance metrics have a lower probability of winning the Buy Box than those who have good performance data.

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