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Shopify Success Stories: Learn from Thriving E-Commerce Businesses

We’ve handpicked ten remarkable success stories, each with its unique recipe for success. Let’s explore the journeys, strategies, and key takeaways from these diverse Shopify stores, ranging from Asphalte’s unconventional pre-order model to Blume’s commitment to cruelty-free and vegan wellness products.

  1. Asphalte 

Asphalte disrupted the fashion industry in 2016 with a bold move – a pre-order model. By involving customers in the product creation process and focusing on high-quality, long-lasting items, Asphalte built a brand centered around customer satisfaction and sustainability.

Key Ingredient: Customer feedback. Asphalte treats customers as collaborators, incorporating their preferences into product designs. The use of Shopify contributes to the success by providing a visually appealing website with interactive surveys powered by Typeform.


Prioritize customer satisfaction over chasing margins. Asphalte’s commitment to quality and involving customers in the creation process pays off, creating a loyal customer base.

  1. Partake Foods 

Partake Foods, born out of a mother’s quest for healthy snacks for her allergic daughter, faced rejection from 86 investors. Despite the initial setbacks, Denise Woodard turned her passion into a thriving business, emphasizing quality products and building a strong email list.

Key Ingredient: Email marketing. Woodard underscores the importance of building and nurturing an email list for continuous growth, alongside online advertising using Google and social media ads.


Invest in building and nurturing your email list. Partake Foods effectively uses website popups offering discounts to encourage visitors to subscribe.

  1. Chubbies 

Chubbies, a premium apparel brand, focused on spreading the love for men’s retro shorts. With a brand communication strategy centered around a fun, laid-back style, Chubbies successfully built a community and achieved significant growth.

Key Ingredient: Creative social media marketing. Chubbies’ quirky campaigns, targeting their audience with pop culture references, influencers, and contests, contributed to a loyal following.


Build communities around your brand with creative social media marketing. Chubbies’ engaging campaigns and active community engagement resulted in a strong, loyal following.

  1. Holo Taco 

Holo Taco, a nail polish brand by YouTuber Cristine Rotenberg, thrived with a commitment to brand values and a strong brand identity. Rotenberg’s refusal of partnerships prioritizing profits over quality resulted in vegan, cruelty-free, and affordable products.

Key Ingredient: Brand values. Rotenberg’s commitment to delivering what was promised to her YouTube followers resulted in significant social media engagement.


Focus on quality and stay true to your brand values. Holo Taco’s success lies in Rotenberg’s dedication to delivering products aligned with her promises.

  1. Maison Balzac 

Maison Balzac, starting with five scented candles, gradually expanded to luxury homeware products. Founder Elise Pioch’s commitment to doing what she loves and staying personal with products and customers fueled the brand’s steady growth.

Key Ingredient: Passion for the product. Pioch’s genuine interest in product design and commitment to a personal approach to growth contributed to Maison Balzac’s success.


Be personal with your customers. Maison Balzac’s growth is attributed to a personal approach in products, website, and social media, attracting like-minded customers.

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