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Today’s the online market is very competitive. To survive, one needs to excel from others in different ways. Brands need to find ways of differentiating themselves from the crowd.

Are you a registered seller of Amazon? Great! Amazon has an excellent prospect for you.

Amazon helps in creating promotional opportunities for its sellers. You should distinguish your product in unique and competing content that should result in a strong purchase decision in the minds of buyers.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content showcases your brand, product information, its benefits and uses in an appealing and persuading way. Adding images, videos, and personal experiences will add more influential power to your product content.

In precise, ebc gives a detailed explanatory of your product to its buyers. Amazon enhanced brand content (ebc) is now called by the term ‘Amazon A+ content’.

Currently, Amazon ebc is offered at free of cost. However you may need to pay, if you opt for premium services.

Find more on this in the upcoming stances!

1. Amazon EBC Templates

As a registered seller, you have an ASIN assigned to your brand. You can either write up the interesting content for your product by yourself, just by creating your unique own custom template (or),

You can also pick from the 5 pre-designed templates.

Rose – Brand logo, product description, 2 header images and product features
Tulip – Brand logo, product description, header image and product features
Orchid – Brand logo, product description, header image and product features
Sunflower – Brand logo, product description, 2 header images and product features
Lilly – Brand logo, product description, header image, product features and header image

2. Amazon EBC Design

Amazon enhanced brand content service creates innovative and stunning designs in eye-catching color combinations. Your product details are elaborated in bullet points with Varied font styles. An impressive image and videos makes it more communicable to the buyers.

3. Amazon EBC Content

Your EBC content decides your selling rate. The more value your content is, the more strong it will grab the buyers for your product. It should carry rich texts with pleasing high quality images and videos.

Enhanced brand content should be enlisted in the following manner to attract more consumers.

  • SEO friendly content
  • Unique content, free from plagiarism
  • Easy catchy phrases
  • Write from a reader’s perspective
  • Describe your product in terms of its features, benefits
  • Detailed explanations like key highlights of the product, how to use it, etc
  • Visually appealing images and sound effects.

4. Amazon EBC Guidelines

Amazon has the standard terms and conditions for its enhanced brand content. Stick to the following guidelines to avoid any violation of policy, which may lead to rejection of content proposals by Amazon.

  • Refrain from using your company as a seller or distributor.
  • Avoid any warranty or guarantee claims and return/ refund terms
  • Not to refer like authorised dealers/ resellers
  • Don’t use advertising, price related terms like cheap, free, etc.
  • Influential purchase words like buy now, add to cart, etc to be avoided.
  • Shipping information like free delivery,..not to be mentioned
  • Strictly don’t denote your trademark or copyright symbols in your content
  • Don’t use more than 2 editorial quotes or third party quotes. Recommended to state quotes of famous publications.
  • Not to mention inducive terms like No.1 selling product, India’s top selling brand, etc
  • Festive or holiday remarks to be refrained from use.
  • Use of backlinks is strictly prohibited
  • Check grammatical/punctuation errors, spellings. Avoid repeated usage of phrases or texts.
  • Don’t indicate any products that are used for illegal activities
  • Unverified claims relating to beverages or food and health products should be mentioned with FDA disclaimer. (FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease)
  • Limit the usage of subjective language i.e. writing up your own opinions to a certain extent.
  • Avoid mentioning words like ‘contact Amazon customer service’ or ‘call this number or email’
  • Breaching the requirement of categories or amazon selling policies will lead to rejection.

5. Amazon EBC Image Guidelines

High quality, sharp images, audio and video effects makes your product and brand visually more appealing to the readers. Amazon has laid down certain procedures for uploading the standard images.

  • Clear, blur-free images to be used. Images with watermarks are not to be submitted.
  • Images should be framed with SEO friendly keywords to aid the visually challenged buyers.
  • Content that duplicates the images to be avoided.
  • The font style, size used should make the customers read and understand in a better way. Optimal font size is 16 or more.
  • Brand images that carry the story of their brand are not accepted
  • Images that replicate amazon logos are prohibited. However, you are allowed to use references like Amazon-supported programs. Example, Amazon dash replenishment

6. Amazon EBC Examples

Below are some examples of Amazon’s EBC Content.

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