How to use sponsor ads on Amazon

What are sponsored ads on Amazon?

Sponsored ads are ads for individual product listing on Amazon. These sponsored products are cost per click (CPC) ads and they appear within shopping results pages and on product detail pages. 

Who is eligible to use sponsored products?

Professional sellers, vendors, book vendors, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) authors, and agencies can use sponsored products, and their products must eligible in one or more categories as well as the featured offer in order to be advertised. 

How advertisers can use sponsored products?

When you are new to advertising you can consider using sponsored products as Amazon will automatically match your ads to products and shopping results. With a quick and simple execution, it automatically generates targeting search results and queries allowing you to create a campaign in just a few minutes. 

Through sponsored ads it can help increase the visibility of your products in Amazon reaching customers while shopping and can be used by advertisers to achieve a variety of goals such as promotions of seasonal items, clearing inventory, or showcasing the best selling item.  

Benefits of sponsored ads

  • Reach audiences – These ads appear and gain visibility as they are right where the customers can see them such as on product pages and shopping results. These can be advantageous as shoppers can see and discover your products easily. 
  • Boost sales  – Amazon sponsored products can help boost your sales as they lead by directing the customer exactly to the product they need or that they are looking for by extending your reach to customers easily through these ads.
  • Cost control – You only pay for the cost of the ad when the customer clicks on your ad, therefore, allowing you to set a budget and control the cost on how much you spend by bidding and the cost per click (CPC).
  • Track performance – You can measure the advertising success and its direct impact on your business in amazon by tracking sales and performance allowing you to improve your campaigns and achieve your advertising goals. 

How to Make a Sponsored Products Ad

Step 1: Set your campaign’s duration and budget ( or leave it open-ended for an always-on campaign)

Step 2: Automatic targeting allows Amazon to match your ads to relevant search terms and products or you can choose which keywords or products to target.  

Step 3: Select the products you want to promote and place your bid.

Step 4: Begin your campaign.

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