How to become an online seller in India?

Online shopping is becoming a part of our culture unlike before it used to be a choice only for the elite, this rapid change is brought by the changes in the online market scenarios and marketplaces making it easier and possible to sell online allowing customers to all over the country to have access to a wide range of options that are available across the market.  The use of the internet and its growing popularity makes it easier and convenient for businesses to grow their business over the internet and entice a large number of potential customers.

There are a few steps to breakdown that seller needs to go through to become an online seller 

  • Choosing the product you want to sell: Finding and choosing the right products to sell is important and you can assure that selling these products online whether if it is art, craft, clothing, home décor, etc. that you can sell on any online platform if it is your own website or on any platforms like Amazon, Nykaa, Myntra, etc that will have enough shelf space for whatever you choose to sell.
  • Decide on a platform to sell: Choosing where to sell, such as a standalone website or a partnership with a well-known website, or via an online marketplace.  There are several options and looking for a place that has a low cost with a low maintenance yet has credibility places such as online marketplaces can be your best bet.
  • Register To Sell Online: Registering yourself as a business is important as you will commonly find that every all online marketplace requires registration through a link given by them. The basic business documents are usually business official email ID, GSTN, etc so you can start selling online. For example, Amazon has something called the start selling guide that guides you around online selling. 
  • Cataloging and listing: Online cataloging requires you as a seller to display the entire catalog of the products they are selling online including detailed information and images so customers can consider before making a purchase. Nothing attracts a customer more than a beautiful catalog when looking for products, this effort will help customers learn more about your products to boost orders.
  • Select a Shipping Method: You can choose from a variety of shipping options and putting effort into shipping can make things easier therefore several marketplaces can give sellers solutions from the range of warehousing, packing, shipping, and handling customer support. How quickly your products reach your customer influences their level of trust in your brand.
  • For payments, link your bank account: Online selling in marketplaces comes with regular payment cycles this happens once you link your bank account allowing income to be electronically deposited to your bank account on a timely basis allowing the sellers to focus on business growth rather than going through the hassle of money management.

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