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During the IPL Season, Increase Your Sales!

Indian premier league

In India, the professional Twenty20 cricket league known as the Indian Premier League has evolved into more than just a sporting event. However, other than a time when everyone is glued to their televisions cheering on their favorite teams, it is an untapped opportunity for businesses, especially eCommerce. Yes, we’re talking about your Shopify store, which you probably already have running or have been considering. Are you wondering how to start or grow an online store on Shopify using a cricket event and its fan base?

We have some concepts, then!

If you are new to the world of online business and are looking for suggestions on what to sell on your Shopify store, this is a fantastic opportunity for you. The print-on-demand model is the only one that works best for Shopify stores during IPL. There are a lot of custom-made products that you can sell in your store because there are eight teams in the Indian Premier League and ten in the Indian Super League.

Here are a few products you can include in your print-on-demand catalog based on what we’ve seen in 

Indian fan bases indulge in and what actually sells worldwide:

  1. Mugs with prints 

Mugs with prints have been popular for a long time. However, each of us still possesses at least one personalized mug today. of our favorite cricket team, our favorite player, or even a true quote. Print mugs are once again among the most popular products during the IPL. For the ultimate IPL souvenir, you can simply let customers select the team slogan, player name, or logo for the mug.

If you don’t want to officially partner with the IPL to sell their merchandise, you can still sell themed mugs or generic cricket quotes.

  1. T-shirts 

Team t-shirts are the most popular item in the IPL and ISL. To show their support or to reflect the excitement of an upcoming match, everyone wants to be wearing the jersey of their favorite team. Allow customers to choose the team, player, slogan, and even color of their t-shirts when they visit your store. We guarantee that you’ll see a lot of them posting Instagram photos in them!

You can either officially collaborate with IPL to sell their merchandise for this purpose. You also have the option of working with independent designers to develop a few individualized print options for specific teams.

  1. Flags for the team 

We’ve all done this before. If your audience includes a segment of young shoppers, team flags used to be a big deal. Allow these customers to pick the group logo, add or eliminate the group motto from the banner they request from you. During the games, you’ll see them wearing the flag or even using it as home decor.

Again, you can work with a few cricket-obsessed designers and illustrators to create one-of-a-kind design prints for the flags or go official with the IPL.

  1. Canvas prints and posters 

These have proven to be easy to sell, just like flags, and have been popular for a considerable amount of time. For the upscale look of sportiness in the form of art at a reasonable price, shoppers seek out prints of their favorite teams to hang on their walls. Young IPL fans and people who live alone and want to personalize their homes frequently seek out this product.

Keep in mind, to sell the authority group’s brand resources as prints, you should collaborate with IPL. However, you can work with independent designers and illustrators to create individual prints and designs for each team.

  1. Hoodies 

You can also sell printed hoodies depending on who your target audience is and where they live. Again, let them pick the team they support, the logo they want to change, the slogan they want on the hoodie, and the color.

Working with freelance designers and illustrators to customize your hoodie prints seems like a great idea to us. It gives you the opportunity to make them look cooler, no matter which team the customer wants to buy a hoodie from.

  1. Covers for phones

Take a look around and let us know what you see on the majority of smartphones in India. a phone case made just for you. With a practically deranged following of the IPL, you’ll find a ton of us wearing telephone fronts of our number one groups or most loved players, trademarks, or statements. Because of this, you might want to sell this print-on-demand product during the holiday season.

Make sure to officially partner with IPL before making use of their brand assets. Or you can look for a designer who can help you give your printed phone covers a new look!

  1. Notebooks 

There are a plethora of productivity tools available. However, the majority of us enjoy stationery, which is why personalized diaries and notebooks continue to be popular online sellers. Very much like the mugs and attire, you can allow your Shopify store guests to pick the print they’d need on the front of the journal, its size, and that’s just the beginning.

Again, either officially partner with IPL or collaborate with designers to sell individualized prints. If you don’t want to include an entire range of IPL-related products, you can also have straightforward cricket-related notebook prints.

  1. Pad covers

Another thing that frequently comes to Indian homes are pad covers. Everyone enjoys switching them out during various seasons, and the IPL is a season in and of itself. In their rooms, ardent fans will almost certainly have a few cushions depicting their favorite teams or players. Make sure to give them the option to choose the size of the cushion as well as the team or player they want on it.

Partner with IPL to sell official merchandise in your store if you think many of your customers would be interested. If not, you can work with architects to think of something specific to cricket and your image.

  1. Baseball covers

Taking into account the climate in India during this time, a large portion of us protect ourselves from the burning intensity. Baseball caps are also a popular print-on-demand product that sells well. You could allow fans to dress in the uniforms of their favorite teams during the IPL season. To further personalize the product, you could also allow them to add custom text that they would like printed.

Baseball caps with generic cricket-themed prints are another option if you want to keep this product line in your store for longer.

  1. Stickers and wall decals 

These top-selling products, just like those who enjoy giving their homes a little sprucing up during the season to show their team support. During this time, you can also sell stickers and wall decals based on team names, slogans, or famous players. You’ll get a lot of interest because these are inexpensive purchases that can be changed frequently.

Make sure to either authoritatively cooperate with the IPL or work with fashion designers who can assist you with making something selective for your cricket-excited customers!

  1. Face masks 

Do you need a new product idea for the new normal? In your store, you can sell face masks!

Obviously, you can make masks that are specific to the IPL teams, but you can also have designs that are just related to cricket.

You can also allow visitors to upload the design they want printed on any of the items above if you want to take the customization of your products to the next level.

Prepare to maximize your enjoyment of the IPL season!


In India, the IPL is more than just a trend or a season. It’s a feeling. So make sure to take advantage of the sensations of the adherents. They are more likely to buy from you if they are excited about your participation in the IPL! Therefore, understanding the demand of the fans & the crowds helps you create better products that will provide you with a positive outcome.

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