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Amazon’s Game-Changing Augmented Reality Shopping Experience: A Closer Look

The retail industry has been one of the fastest adopters of cutting-edge technology and has led the transition in warehousing, shipping, marketing, and customer service. But consumers are becoming more picky.

By 2021, they expect immersive technologies to be a part of their shopping experiences. Because up to 69% of consumers now expect to use AR or VR while they shop, retailers are working hard to adapt to and incorporate this immersive technology. Before the pandemic, the market for augmented reality in retail was estimated to reach $10 billion and grow at a CAGR of 46.6% through 2027.

But, How Does Augmented Reality Work?

There are many types of gear that can be used to experience AR. Some of them include mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), wearables, computers and laptops, TVs, digital mirrors, linked glasses, head-mounted displays, lenses, and even AR fitting rooms. The distinction between augmented reality and virtual reality is that the former “augments” the real environment with new virtual items, while the latter “replaces” it.

With regard to handheld devices, augmented reality (AR) gathers data about the immediate environment using the camera, computer vision technologies, GPS, compass, and accelerometer before superimposing additional contextual data (in 2D or 3D) on top of that image.


Amazon is expanding the enjoyment of virtual worlds and interactive digital surroundings with a new immersive shopping experience dubbed Amazon Anywhere, whether you’re playing video games or using your preferred mobile app.

Amazon Anywhere allows you to browse and buy tangible items from Amazon stores without ever leaving a game or app. You can participate in the official launch of Amazon Anywhere inside Peridot, a brand-new augmented reality game for the real world from Niantic (the company behind Pokémon Go). 

How Is Amazon Making This Work?

Through an interesting in-game actual item store, Amazon Anywhere assists in bringing the enchantment of Peridot from augmented reality to reality. Here, you can buy branded items like T-shirts, sweatshirts, phone accessories, and throw pillows too, but only after connecting your Amazon account to the game. These items feature the artwork of magical animals from the game. As with Amazon stores, typical product information, photos, availability, Prime eligibility, price, and anticipated delivery date will be displayed.

Then, without leaving the game, just hit the “buy” button to proceed with the purchase using your connected Amazon account. Similar to other Amazon purchases, the products will be delivered to you, and you can track and manage orders using the Amazon app.

What makes Amazon Anywhere unique?

The market for shoppable entertainment and digital experiences is being reshaped as they continue to provide customers with the products they love. The majority of shopping in virtual worlds is currently limited to the purchase of virtual currency and in-game digital goods because there is no straightforward way to purchase tangible goods there. They intend to alter that.

They are bringing Amazon Anywhere, which makes shopping at Amazon stores convenient and easy, to Peridot. It is fun to discover intriguing and practical items in the game that you can order to have delivered to your house.

You can purchase tangible items without leaving your game or app; all you have to do is enjoy interacting with the fun things you will find. When you are ready to buy, you can count on the same incredible selection, low prices, straightforward checkout, quick shipping, and first-rate customer service.

Amazon Anywhere can also be used by creators of virtual worlds, video games, and mobile apps who want to extend their online experiences offline. They can now pick products from a variety of Amazon offerings, including a brand’s own merchandise.


Hence, we can say that Amazon is really stepping up in the game of this new industry with Amazon Anywhere. Future adoption of the platform will undoubtedly increase significantly as users and sellers alike gain from it.

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