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Amazon Prime Day: Prepare Your Brand for 2021

On Prime Day, millions of shoppers go to Amazon to discover and shop brands. This event is expected once again in 2021 and sellers can pull big sales with a chance to help get more exposure for your brand. 

There are several categories that will have more advantage over others therefore once sellers have a sense of this they can strategize on what consumers are looking for and prepping for Prime day can be easier if your products fall under a specific umbrella whether you can go all in or by using targeted advertising.

Amazon provides services to help grow brand awareness, sales, and customer engagement, these services also help you to learn and tailor such as sponsored brands and sponsored display campaigns that are engaging and maximize impressions that are also relevant for Prime day. 

These services will help you with the following

  • More Prime Day buyers will be introduced to your brand.
  • Adapt your creative strategies to the situation.
  • Set budgets and bids that will help you achieve your objectives.

On Prime Day, having the correct approach and truly polishing the positive things your company is already doing to increase sales on Amazon will help you succeed.

All in Strategy

On Prime day brands that sell products that are adjacent or complementary to those that are on sale can be the most successful for example like phone cases,chargers,etc. Taking advantage of Amazon discounts such as lightning deals, deals of the day, coupons, and Prime exclusive discounts. Therefore sellers should check in with account for dates and get signed up early. 

To be successful on prime day sellers should ensure that they are able to convert customers requiring you to be more competitive in the ad space by creating by cleaning up the copy, created SEO’s images on listings, and creating an email list of people who have visited your website in order to get them excited about Prime Day deals. Brands are more likely to convert customers on Amazon as it is a trusted platform.

Targeted ad Strategy

Brands that don’t sell in Prime day hottest categories should focus on advertising as Prime day gets people on Amazon and using specific advertising tactics like retargeting ads by taking advantage of the traffic and another tactic can be by retargeting consumers down the line when your products are on sale with less competition.

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