Amazon STEP Services

STEP is a performance-based benefits program which simplifies your experience by providing customized and actionable recommendations, helps you improve key customer experience metrics and in turn, your growth. Your performance on key metrics and the associated benefits are transparent, easy to understand and applicable to sellers of all sizes and tenure on

We help you with Product Videos under the step program.

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Video Templates

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  1. We will be delivering only 1 Brand Video which will be uploaded to all the ASINs shared by the Seller.
  2. The Final video will be of upto 60 sec. 
  3. You will be provided with only 2 licensed music options.
  4. SLA starts from the day the assets are shared by the seller.
  5. The seller will have only one POC for communication and approvals.
  6. We strictly adhere to Amazon Guidelines. Any exceptions cannot be taken.
  7. Sample shared will be altered only once, suggestions and changes to be shared in one go. Script ones approved will not be changed.
  8. Changes in videos or additional categories post the video is uploaded will be charged at ₹3000.
  9. Any assistance in uploading video on new ASINs or any additional ASINs post the video is uploaded on the first set of ASINs shared will be charged at ₹500
  10. If you wish to alter the video to suit other ecommerce platforms you will charged 1k

Brand Videos FAQ

Amazon has fully opened the door for sellers to put Amazon product videos on their listing and the race is on for brands to get quality, highly converting product videos in front of customers.

You will be provided with 1 Brand Video, that can be uploaded across all the ASIN on your account for a particular brand.

You will have to share details for only 1 Brand for which the video is required.

We will be uploading the video to your listings on We will need sub-account access for uploading the video and tagging the ASINs.

The video under the step program is only for your listings. We will not be able to add the video to your Brand Store.

It will be uploaded to all of ASINs of your listings for the brand the video has been made.  We will be need the entire list of ASINs to be submitted in the Job request form.

The Brand Videos under the STEP Program will be for up-to 60 sec.