Marketplace Image Guidelines

Your listing could use the right keywords and have compelling copy, but if it doesn’t make use of good photos, shoppers might not feel confident enough to buy. According to Salsify, 73% of shoppers need to see at least three images to make a buying decision. It’s important to use the right e-commerce images to draw traffic, answer questions visually, and convert shoppers into buyers.

Image Guidelines for Amazon

  • Images must accurately represent the product and show only the product that’s for sale, with minimal or no propping.
  • The product and all of its features must be clearly visible.
  • MAIN images must have a pure white background (pure white blends in with the Amazon search and product detail pages — RGB colour values of 255, 255, 255).
  • MAIN images must be professional photographs of the actual product (graphics, illustrations, mock-ups or placeholders are not allowed). They must not show excluded accessories; props that might confuse the customer; text that is not part of the product; or logos, watermarks or inset images.
  • MAIN images must not be multiple views of the same product.
  • Images must match the product title.
  • The product must fill at least 85% of the image area.
  • Images must have more than 72 dpi resolution.
  • Images should be 1,000 pixels or larger in either height or width. This minimum size requirement enables the zoom function on the website. Zoom has been proven to enhance sales. The smallest your file can be is 500 pixels on its longest side.
  • Amazon accepts JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif) or GIF (.gif) file formats, but JPEG is preferred.
  • The product must not be on a mannequin, except for stockings or socks.
  • Images must not contain a model unless the product is apparel or an apparel accessory worn by a model.
  • Images must not be out of focus, blurry, pixelated, have jagged edges or be cropped by a frame edge.
  • If the product is on a model, the model must be standing (not sitting, kneeling, leaning, lying down or in other positions).
  • The product must be out of its packaging or shown without external brand tags, except for stockings or socks.
  • Images must not contain nudity or be sexually suggestive.
  • MAIN images can be supplemented with additional images showing different sides of a product, the product in use or details that aren’t visible on the MAIN image. Follow the image standards listed above to maintain quality and consistency across all of your product images.

Individual style guide for each garment type please refer to this link below.

Image Guidelines for Flipkart

  1. Primary Image should be in White background/light grey uniform background.
  2. Images with grey background can be used for white colored products.
  3. The same model needs to be used for all the angles of a product.   
  4. For Apparel, Front, Side, Back image in is compulsory. Detail and Style shots are good to have.
  5. Model wearing heavy Jewelry or accessories that hide the product is not acceptable.
  6. Model Hair should not obstruct the Product/Design of the product.
  7. Image should not contain bran logo or price.
  8. Min Image resolution needs to be 1100 x 1100 Pixels.

Image Guidelines for Myntra

    1. 1080*1440 minimum resolution with 72dpi or more and 3: 4 ratioImage size 500 kb minimum and 2MB max in .jpg format.
    2. Models needs to be Approved by the Myntra team for Photo-shoot. Images of Models not approved by Myntra will lead to image  
    3. Model Images Required: Front, Side, Back, Detail, Look Shot.
    4. Saree; Front, Blouse (CAD Image), Detail Image
    5. All images need to be center alignedand shot from Eye Level.
    6. Grey Background with Soft Natural Shadows. Avoid Hard Lighting and Hard  

Editing Checkpoints:

  1. Product Color should match the actual product in all images.
  2. Detail image should display the texture of the fabric properly. Should not be blur or pixelated.
  3. Detail images should be shot separately and not cropped from other images.
  4. Model hair should not be in the front/ on the garment while shooting the detail image.

Image Guidelines for Ajio

  1. Required Image aspect ratio: 1:1.25. Image should be more than 1000 pixels in both height and width
  2. Image should be in JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg) and PNG (.png) format
  3. Size of images should not be < 200KB or > 1MB
  4. Images should be in RGB color mode
  5. Any light color background including white color are acceptable
  6. Lifestyle, Celebrity image, Detail or Package images are allowed only as secondary images
  7. Angles required are image with good Front view, Side, Back and Detail view. Number of angles can differ based on the brick
  8. Avoid adding any watermarks or borders to the images. Showing Promotional text, Brand url, Pricing details are also not allowed.
  9. Any freebie information should be called out in the style or additional Information
  10. 80 – 85% for all angles, 100% for Detail shot
  11. Celebrity Images are allowed with Authorization.
  12. Mannequins, ghost mannequin or pack images as First image are not acceptable

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