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Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
※ SLA starts from the day the assets are shared by the seller.
※ The seller will have only one POC for communication and approvals.
※ Open Files for the created A Plus can be shared at an Additional cost. The same should be informed to the prior to starting the A+ content. Open files are not be stored if not requested before the A+ is made.
※ Images used for A+ are bought by Ugly if the seller needs images for other usage the same will be charged at $15 per image.
※ Wireframes ones approved will be final, there will be no changes in the format once the sample is approved.
※ We strictly adhere to Amazon Guidelines. Any exceptions cannot be taken.
※ Sample shared will be altered twice . Please share feedback and changes in one go.
※ A+ will be added on Amazon by UGLY. Sub-Account Access will be required for the same.
※ UGLY will not proceed with bulk content without receiving sub-account access for upload.
※ The sample will be made only for 1 ASIN remaining ASINs will be uploaded to the account for review.
※ A+ will not be uploaded without a sample being approved by the seller.
※Post A+ has been uploaded changes will not be done in the design or content previously approved; Unless there is misleading information that can impact the buyer.
※ If you wish to make changes for previously approved content that is live the same will be chargeable at the actual cost of the A+ made.
※ Reiteration charges will be applicable post 2nd set of changes. at $15 per change
※ If the same A+ has to be updated on other platforms additional charges will apply.
※ Final output of the design depends on the images shared by the seller. Low resolution images cannot be improvised for a premium looking A+.