Barandstores contribution on Amazon

Create your own branded online store on Amazon and showcase a collection of your products with Amazon Brand Store which is a free content feature for vendors and sellers. It provides a great shopping experience for buyers thanks to its brand-centric appearance

Why Create an Amazon Brand Store?

With the help of branstore you get to maintain your brand reputation on the world’s most popular marketplace. The journey to creating your first multi-page Store starts on the Amazon stores page. With minimal text and precise content, it successfully provides you with all the necessary information about the Stores’ capabilities and tells you whether or not you are eligible for the program.

Benefits of Having an Amazon Brand Store for Businesses

1) It helps you come across as a genuine brand

Once your products are being showcased on your Amazon Brand Store, people are more likely to see you as a genuine brand rather than some reseller selling mediocre products. This adds to your credibility and helps you make more sales in the long run.

2) It helps find multiple products on the same page

Amazon Brand Store is a great platform to showcase a variety of products to sell. It helps you organize all your products in one place and gives a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Selling footwear, apparel, or tech gadgets? Just set up a store and display all your products. You also have a great chance of making more sales as customers can buy multiple products straight from one place.

3) It helps you uptick your organic rankings on Amazon

Brand Store pages don’t just bring some good traffic and sales but they also help you rank organically on Amazon. If you have a Brand Store for your Amazon business then you can boost your rankings in search results and outperform your competitors.

5) Allows a smoother mobile shopping experience

Did you know that your Brand Store can be optimized for mobile devices? This makes it easier for shoppers to buy your products straight from their phones. Thanks to enhanced responsive design your products look as beautiful as they would on a desktop screen.

How To Set Up Your Amazon Brand Store

To set up and start your Amazon Brand Store, do the following steps:

1. Register for Amazon Brand Registry

To be able to sell your products on the store you will first need to get yourself registered to Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Before you register, make sure you have the following things:

  • Your brand’s registered trademark to be used on your products.
  • Valid proof that you are the rights owner of your trademark.
  • Your Amazon account. (If you don’t have one you can create one for free.)

Register your brand by meeting the above requirements and you will get access to the features of Amazon Brand Registry.

2. Craft Your Store Homepage and Pick Layout

After registering, log in to your Seller Central account and find the ‘Stores’ option from the menu. Underneath it, pick ‘Manage Stores.’ This will take you to the store page creation process. Once you are shown the eligible brands, pick the one for which you want to create the store page. You will then be asked to pick your homepage layout. Pick the relevant template that will best display your products.

3. Create Relevant Pages for Your Store

Now that you have the homepage layout in place, it’s time to create pages for your products. You can create different pages for different purposes such as pages for best-selling items, pages based on categories, pages for discounts, etc. Keep the flow simple and easier to navigate for your customers.

4. Create Content Tiles to Add to Your Store

With the pages and layout ready, your next job is to place the content tiles on each page. These are like content snippets that appear on the Store page which customers interact with.  There are various types of content tiles you can add which include the Header, Text, Image, Video, Gallery, Product, etc. Use them to make your Brand Store come alive.

5. Add Your Product

After adding your tiles the next thing you have to do is add your products to the pages created earlier. You can easily add products by picking the right Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for each product. Add in all the essential products you want to be displayed on your Brand Store.

6. Send it for a Review

Once everything is complete, the final step would be sending your store page for review.Make sure you preview your store page correctly for errors or other inconsistencies so that it doesn’t get rejected by Amazon. Once approved by Amazon, you’re all set to use your Brand Store.

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